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Comprehensive Spending Review 2010: Analysis

The Economist- Britain's spending review: Fair and progressive?

Reuters- What can the U.S. learn from the Spending Review?

Comprehensive Spending Review 2010: Responses

NCVO's response

Tory response to Osborne's Spending Review

Comprehensive Spending Review: Reactions from the business world

Spending review: Clegg and Cameron face the music

Johann Hari: A colder, crueller country – for no gain

Polly Toynbee's comment

Daily View: How should Labour react to the Spending Review?

Spending review: The work of a gambler

Podcast: How will the axe fall?

Charities must end their "terrible competition" for money, and work together

Comprehensie Spending Review 2010: Blogs

David Scott Blog: Comprehensive Spending Review - what's next for Charities? 

Spending Review: Throwing a life-line to the public sector

Patrick Butler's blog

What's in store for the charity sector?: Digging into the details of the Spending Review

Spending Review News

BBC iPlayer- Watch the House of Commons announce the Comprehensive Spending Review plan live online

Channel 4 News- The Chancellor George Osborne has won the backing of 35 top business leaders as he prepares to announce where the axe will fall in his Comprehensive Spending Review on Wednesday.

ITV National News- The Chancellor George Osborne says the cabinet has now agreed the biggest cuts in public services for a generation.

News Now- Updated every few minutes to bring you fresh news, opinions and ideas regarding the Comprehensive Spending Review

BBC Spending Review- Special reports and in-depth analysis from BBC's experts on the Spending Review

SKY News- The latest news  on the Comprehensive Spending Review 2010

HM Treasury Spending Review- Regular updates of facts and figures regarding the Comprehensive Spending Review 2010

Public Finance Spending Review- News and views on the Spending Review 2010

KnowHow NonProfit-  Allows you to have your say on the Comprehensive Spending Review that is due to be announced and offers useful  links to other sites

Advanced- Advice, news and information on the Comprehensive Spending Review 2010 and how it will effect organisations

Advice and Support

NCVO - Coping with Cuts: provides advice and support to the voluntary sector including guides, toolkits, publications and events

Compact Voice represent the voluntary sector in England on the Compact, the agreement between the voluntary and public sectors to work together better for mutual gain.  "We believe that the Compact is the solution in the face of these cuts, for public and voluntary sector partners to jointly find cost savings, and to make cuts in such a way that all strategic priorities are recognised, the sustainability of voluntary organisations is ensured, and front-line services are protected.


HM Treasury Glossary - Glossary of Treasury terms

HM Treasury – Keep up to date with all news and updates from the Treasury

Number 10 – Official website of the Prime Minister's Office

Wired Gov – The UK's No.1 government and public sector news alerting service

News Sites

Guardian Cutswatch  – news resource on spending cuts 

Third Sector – resource for news specifically related to the third sector

Charity Times – news resource on charity issues

BBC News - Up to date news stories

BBC Cutswatch- For updates on how government departments plan to reduce their spending and by how much - in-depth analysis of UK government spending

Public Finance- News, blogs and expert comment on public policy and public sector finance

 Money Savers:

Energycentric - Independent Energy Brokers working to secure you the best possible price for your energy

Third Sector Property - helping the third sector to save on property to spend more on services

Know How Non Profit  - resources for non-profit organisations, including information on funding & income, campaigns & awareness, leadership and free event advertising

The Trustee Network – free services for charities including legal advice, consultancy and online training for trustees

Charity Consultants Ltd – a range of free resources including seminars, helplines and publications

Third Sector IT – information on where to get a range of free IT resources

Procurement and Commissioning:

Procurement Champions - aim to help third sector service providers develop in a way which enables them to provide and deliver services for public sector commissioners

The ACEVO Commissioning Support Service - this service aims to meet all your needs in engaging with the full range of government commissioners. Call 020 7280 4937 for more information.


Recession Watch
The Institute of Fundraising has created a webpage to help the Third Sector through these challenging times. It is a source for news, information and support.

Recession Watch Blog
A space for ideas, articles and research based on whether the recession is having an impact on fundraising in different countries.

In kind Direct 
In Kind Direct re-distributes new goods donated by corporations for charities working at home and abroad. The benefits of becoming a member is not only the access to the quality products of hundreds of companies but also a significant reduction in cost, but the knowledge that they promote and encourage sustainability, and source 'quality of life' goods for your beneficiaries.

Defending Local Grants Guide
The Local Grants Forum has released this guide through fears that the recession is likely to reduce grant funding from local authorities.

ACEVOs Free Guide to Surviving the Economic Downturn
A Charities Guide is a compilation of advice from key experts in the fields of HR, fundraising and finance.


Institute for Fiscal Studies - 'Our goal at the Institute for Fiscal Studies is to promote effective economic and social policies by understanding better their impact on individuals, families, businesses and the government's finances. Our findings are based on rigorous analysis, detailed empirical evidence and in-depth institutional knowledge. We seek to communicate them effectively, to a wide range of audiences, thereby maximising their impact on policy both directly and by informing public debate.'

Business Link - range of free support to find finance, raise productivity, or save money by reducing waste and saving energy.

Full Cost Business Planner (FCBP) can help you to calculate your full project costs, including your overheads. FCBP uses full cost recovery principles, and includes a business plan writer. This practical and easy-to-use tool will help you make informed decisions about your core costs and the funding you require.

Charities and Insolvency
Howarth Clark Whitehill have prepared a detailed guide covering issues of fund accounting, negative balance sheets, wrongful trading and the responsibilities of trustees. This is available on their document library to CFDG members.

CAF has opened Financial Crisis Helpline for charity leaders worried about their organisations
financial viability. These are one-off confidential discussions. Freephone number is 0800 9802 000. More information can be found by clicking here.

Real Help with Finance
Business Link have developed an interactive tool to allow charities to quickly and esily find out if the governments new schemes and measures to provide real help now to businesses through the downturn are suitable for your organisation.

The Third Sector and the Recession in Wales-Toward an Action Plan
The Wales Council for Volunary Action has published a report which addresses concerns about spending and service cuts within the sector.

The Financial Crisis, the Economic Downturn and the Scottish Voluntary Sector
The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations has created this webpage to give detailed up to date financial advice to the Scottish Voluntary sector.

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